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Mission and Vision

Education Vision:
Our vision is a future built on dynamic learning environments that inspire intellectual curiosity, and instill deep respect for the authentic, cultural richness of Hip Hop.

Education Mission:
The Hip Hop Museum is empowered by the element knowledge, and fosters historical and intellectual curiosity of hip hop culture. Our mission is to preserve the Official Record of Hip Hop culture with all people, through our inclusive learning environments that celebrate Hip Hop pedagogies and curricula. We will lead the future of Hip Hop culture by investing in local, national, and international partnerships with educators and community organizations.

Projects and Programs

“My Camera Is My Weapon” envisions a world where at-risk high school students transform their reality through the lens of photojournalism and filmmaking, turning potential energy into kinetic creativity. Our mission is to arm these young individuals not with the tools of conflict, but with cameras as their weapons of choice, enabling them to capture and narrate their stories and the world around them with authenticity and resilience.

By offering mentorship, resources, and a platform to express themselves, we aim to divert the path from gang culture to a journey of artistic expression and personal growth. Through the power of visual storytelling, our participants will learn to see the world differently, to understand the impact of their voices, and to envision a future where their creativity paves the way for positive change. The Hip Hop Museum is committed to empowering these young minds, fostering a new generation of artists and activists who use their cameras as instruments of peace, justice, and innovation.
Poster for My Camera is My Weapon

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The Hip Hop Museum and Microsoft have a long-standing partnership centered on shared values of preserving Hip Hop’s legacy and culture while empowering creators of the future with technology. Learn more at Microsoft Unlocked: Breaking new sound

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