Trustee Spotlight – Faith Newman

Faith Newman We continue our feature series during International Women’s History Month. This March, our focus is on one of Hip Hop’s most dedicated and accomplished production queens. Faith Newman,

Mark Green

Hip Hop Past and Present Spotlight – MARK GREEN

Mark GreenPhotographed by the subject, at his home in the Dominican Republic, 2020 Origins. Every successful person began somewhere, was moved and motivated by people, things, and events, and some

the dot headshot

Donor & Artist Feature – ~.THE.DoT.

~.THE.DoT.Photograph by Dae HowertonMakeup by Constance Foe. Hair by ~THE.DoT. Styling by Neiman Tate. Shot in Burbank, CA, February 2023 Women in Hip Hop history and culture rarely get their

Eric Monroe

Bespoke Boards Honor HH50

T. Eric Monroe creates skateboards to honor Hip Hop icons,and buying them benefits THHM T. Eric Monroe Visual Artist, Photographer, and AuthorSelf-photographed (via iPhone) in Los Angeles, California, 2022 August,

Frame 26 8

James A. Peterson: Brushing with Fame, Making Greatness

“Growing up a small poor white kid in a multi-ethnic neighborhood in Milwaukee, I am glad that Hip Hop found me, and I found it. It made me feel cool and tough and hip. I don’t know if I was any of those, but thankfully the music helped me exude those things to a degree. I am unbelievably honored to be able to share gifts and collaborate creatively with some of the people who have had the biggest influence ever on Hip Hop music and culture. Then, to have those interactions and collaborations be installed in a museum dedicated to the music I have loved the most in my life brings me unspeakable joy.”

Frame 26 9

Richard Montes: Passing the Mic with Intention and Impact

“My work as a filmmaker aims to document, preserve, and tell stories that highlight my communities’ histories. Having the “Pass the Mic!” Collection at the Universal Hip Hop Museum contributes towards the well-being and unity of Brown, Indigenous, Black, and immigrant communities.”

IMG211 768x615 1

Michael Benabib: Synchronized with and Supportive of Hip Hop since 1985

“I feel like Hip Hop picked me. It presented itself to me on the street. This movement picked me because of the way I experienced it on the streets of New York. It was such a dynamic force in 1985-1986. I was compelled to start taking these photos. Because it was happening. It was viral. It was coming out of the speakers. Kangol hats. It solved the problem that every artist has: where are you going to point your camera? I was in the right place at the right time. And I ran with it.” – Michael Benabib

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